Madison wedding photographer

"People are at their most beautiful when they are laughing, crying, dancing, playing, telling the truth and being chased in a fun way." -Amy Poehler

As a wedding photojournalist, my superpowers are: anticipating action, find the good light, pivoting when the schedule goes sideways for an unexpected happy moment, holding space for complex family dynamics, and supporting you being your authentic self through it all. Also, cameras.

My clients are looking for photography that's honest, authentic, and candid. They don't necessarily want to be the center of attention, or do a lot of formal, posed photographs, or abide by a list of must-have 'wedding' photographs. They appreciate beautiful images that are emotional and want to give the gift of these memories to their future selves, while still having a wedding day.

Sound like you? Let's connect. I'd love to know more about your vision, and how I can help make it happen.

LGBTQ+ ally. Love is love. All are welcome here.

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