Hello! I'm Maggie. 

I'm a professional photographer. My passion is telling the visual story of human connection. I'm inspired by wild landscapes, laughter, and raw vulnerability. My preferred pronouns are she/her/hers.

My style is earthy, artistic and rooted in documentary action. I am drawn to the different, the instinctual and the organic. Originally from Colorado, I am currently based in Madison, Wisconsin where I've learned that without mountains, golden hour really is much closer to an hour! What a luxury!

I love photography and I love working with other people. My business is built around not only making beautiful and emotional images, but also guiding people through the planning process, and giving guidance and direction when people are in front of the camera, so I can capture their beautiful, authentic selves.

Photography is a journey of trust and collaboration. Thank you for trusting me. Let's make something beautiful together!

Some of my first photographs included dressing up Barbie and Ken and posing them around the yard. I think I took this when I was 11 or 12. Little did I know, it was a preview of things to come.  


I have a BFA in Photography and Performance, and an MFA in Video and Performance. My fine art work is regularly exhibited in galleries nationally and internationally. In 2018, I was a recipient of Madison Magazine's M-List award for Innovation in the Arts, alongside my art collective collaborators.

I believe in good planning, saying YES, AND..., and always getting everything in camera. It's rare that you will ever hear me say, "Eh, I'll just fix that later..."


Do you have any food allergies?

I do! I'm allergic to mangoes, pistachios, and eggplant. Such a bummer, as these things are delicious.

What do you do when you're not shooting weddings?

During wedding season, I'm busy helping clients with their wedding day planning, editing images, photographing engagement sessions, posting to the blog and social media, checking my gear to make sure it's OK, charging batteries, and following up with emails. I also cram in some time with my partner and our cats, and work out as much as possible without destroying myself. I learned the hard way that having really sore abs while shooting a 10 hour wedding is not good times!

During the off-season, when I'm not shooting every single weekend, I review my work from the season, put albums together, make client prints, and help clients with planning. I also spend time improving my craft. I study photography all of the time, as well as business, communication, psychology, movement, and directing. In the colder months, I both teach and attend classes and workshops to alter and improve how I do things, network, and create and promote community around photography. This past year, I was asked to teach an Intro to Photography for Non-Majors at UW-Madison, which was amazing. I had to go back to basics. I'm not sure who learned more, my students or myself!

I do a lot of barre classes (photography is a game of squats and lunges), enjoy Mezcal mules, burritos, and hot cocoa. I also work on different arts- and film-based projects. I am a founding member of a Madison-based art collective that visualizes the trivialization of women's experiences, and I just finished directing a short documentary for a fantastic library program in Fitchburg. I work in my art studio, and make fine artworks that I exhibit around the country. I also pet my cats a lot and road trip out west to see my friends and family, and visit the hot springs at Glenwood Springs or Ojo Caliente, two of my favorite places to relax.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen at a wedding?

I don't really like to photograph people kissing, and tell. To be honest, I've yet to see anything so egregiously weird that I can't not share it with everyone I meet. Mostly what I've seen is a lot of very emotional and happy people being themselves, which is exactly what I like to see. Then again, I went to art school. For six years. I have a higher weirdness threshold than most people!

What's your favorite thing about photographing weddings?

Getting to be a part of a very intense, very emotional transition in people's lives. I love seeing people being people, with all their beauty and strangeness and facets, but dressed up and expressing their feelings to the people that mean the most to them. And there's usually a lot of fairy lights involved and I dig that. I came to photography as a fine artist, creating in the studio for myself. I like that I've been able to expand my work to create in the world, for others, as well.

Do you like photographing weddings?

I often feel like wedding photography chose me, not the other way around. I didn't start doing weddings around other kinds of photography for the money; I started photographing weddings because I clicked with it in a way I wasn't clicking with working as a graphic designer for a small magazine, which is what I was doing at the time I accepted an internship at a wedding photography company in Colorado. 

When I started photographing weddings in 2012, it felt as though I had taken my cameras in hand, and stepped on one of those moving airport walkways, and starting flying forward, even though I was still just walking. It's now seven years later, and if anything, that feeling has only gotten stronger.

Do you do headshots, portraits, or video?

Yes! You can see that all here.

Got questions?

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