Colorado wedding photography

"People are at their most beautiful when they are laughing, crying, dancing, playing, telling the truth and being chased in a fun way." -Amy Poehler

My work is about connection. Connection between you and your partner, you and your environment, to your tribe, to your community, to yourself. Sometimes formal posing can get kinda stiff and make you not look or feel like yourself, and that’s why I focus on creating spaces for fun, play and authenticity that are better for self expression. Working in a space of creative play helps keep everyone focused on joy and authenticity without the stress of formal posing with a camera is pointed on you.  

If you and your partner are quiet, soulful, and gentle, your images will reflect that. If you are more boisterous, energetic, and outgoing, your images will reflect that too. If you are both those things, you'll have quite the mixed catalog of images! Bring me all of who you are, and together we will create a powerful visual story. 

My professional photographer superpowers include: anticipating action, finding the best light, pivoting when the schedule goes sideways for an unexpected happy moment, holding space for complex family dynamics, and supporting you being your authentic self through it all. Cameras have been my voice for a long time, a first love that's never left.

My clients are looking for authentic, honest and connected images to celebrate their relationships. They may not want to be the center of attention, or do a lot of formal, posed photographs, or abide by a list of must-have wedding poses. They appreciate beautiful images that are true to the situation and transmit a range of emotions in every moment. And they want to give the gift of these memories to their future selves.

Sound like you? Let's connect.

LGBTQ+ ally. Love is love. All are welcome here.

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