Will you describe your style for us?

I am a documentary photographer. This means it’s rare that you will see my subjects being ‘camera-aware’ or looking directly at the camera. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, but unlike portrait photography, where the subject is making eye contact to connect with the viewer, I prefer for people to be connecting with each other or the environment that they are in. The environment is usually a wedding or an engagement shoot, and my subjects are the people, places, things, and actions in which events are occurring.

Just because I am a documentary photographer, it doesn’t mean I am entirely separate from the action, nor are we entirely at the mercy of the chaos around us when creating beautiful images. Not unlike a documentary film-maker, I step in and give direction, and occasionally organize the action. Typical occurrences of this are when I need to organize family photographs, bridal party portraits, or do an engagement session—any situation with more than a couple moving parts or there isn’t naturally-occurring stimulus for environmental action.

I work this way because I prefer photographing natural-looking people being themselves and expressing themselves physically, through action, in the celebration that they have created. I want people to be free of performing for the camera and enjoy themselves—it makes the best photographs! I also prefer couples to be connected in the moment they are being photographed, instead of posed in ways they don’t normally stand in real life.

During an engagement session, you will move around, cuddle, play games, kiss, nuzzle, snuggle, hug, run, laugh, and connect deeply with your partner. If you are worried about doing this on camera, don’t! I will give direction so that you don’t have to worry about what to do with your hands. :)

My editing style is based on a film look, and tends toward a moodier look. I like big light and equally big shadows, and deep, muted colors. 

Do you work with a second shooter?

As a rule, no. I prefer to work alone. I learned early on that more images doesn't mean more value. I find having to direct a second shooter takes my attention away from the wedding day and YOU! I only offer second shooters as an option for weddings of 300 people or more.

Have you shot at _________ venue before?

Maybe not! Not to worry! When possible, I check out a venue I haven't shot at before prior to the wedding day, or I arrive early to scope out good locations for different kinds of photographs.

We're so awkward in front of the camera...we're anxious about this, but we totally want nice photography!

See above re: my style. It's not about looking at the camera and smiling awkwardly! There will be a ton of grinning though. We'll hang out, I'll give you some direction, and we'll use movement and fun to create natural moments where you can freely express who you are. We are going to focus on how you feel and how you want to express what you are feeling, which makes the best moments, and the best images!

Ack! Can you help us figure out our timeline?

Absolutely. Good photography takes time and it's in both our best interests to have a good plan for how to maximize our photo time together. During the planning phase of your wedding, we'll talk timelines, times of day, locations and light. If you need extra planning and coordination, I can refer you to several awesome wedding coordinators who can really help you plan!

What do you mean by editing in your collections?

Every image that you receive has been color corrected and had other adjustments to it to make it look its very best. I also create duplicate black and white images of some of your very best images. While couples portraits receive extra attention, extensive Photoshop work is not included in this. I will touch out zits and other obvious things, especially in portraits of the bride and groom, but I do not replace entire backgrounds, swap heads, alter bodies or remove people! This is really important to me as a documentary photographer: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST AS YOU ARE and I'm there to celebrate that!

Wait, you don't give us EVERY single image you take at the wedding? Can I get the RAW images to edit myself?

I give you all the excellent, edited images I take at your wedding! The images you don't receive are the ones where someone's blinking, looking funny or either where my camera or I misjudged something. Trust me, it's nothing you want to see!

I do not ever let RAW images out of my studio. Photography is a two-part process: image capture and image edit. Editing is an expressive part of photography, and is part of the art form. How I edit images is a huge and very enjoyable part of what I do! I am happy to discuss any edit questions, thoughts or concerns that you have.

How many images can we expect to see, if you don't give us every single one you take?

You can generally count on seeing about 50 images per hour of booked time. This number varies depending on how active your wedding is.

When do you eat? Do we need to supply you with a meal?

I eat when you eat! Except I eat way faster and with one eye on the party, in case an amazing spontaneous toast occurs.  And yes, I request that both myself (and my second photographer) are supplied with a guest meal. Please, no vendor meals.

How many weddings have you photographed?

I have photographed 75 weddings to date. I apprenticed for nearly a year under an ex-photojournalist in Colorado, which gave me a huge boost in experience in the wedding day flow, and also substantially influenced my love of candid photography.

What happens if you get really REALLY sick on the day of our wedding?

Luckily, this has never happened to me (touch wood!). I make it my job to be healthy by minimizing stress, eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep. However, should something happen, I belong to a group of talented wedding photographers who are willing and able to step in at a moment's notice.